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Following a good skin care regimen at home can help your spa treatments last as long as possible and even prevent the onset of age-related issues, like fine lines and age spots. As a trusted leader in innovative skin care solutions, Davin Haraway, DO, and his team can help you select the best types of ZO® Skin Health products during your skin care consultation at Tulsa Vein Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa Vein Institute proudly offers a wide selection of clinical-grade ZO Skin Health solutions, so you have options for maintaining superior skin health. Book your skin care appointment by calling the clinic at 918-216-9081.

Skin Care Q & A

Why should I worry about skin care?

In many cases, men and women don’t start thinking about their skin health until they start noticing lines and age spots developing in their 30s and 40s. Even though it’s certainly beneficial to get started on a quality skin care regimen at this point, ideally, you should start in your 20s.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it’s the only organ you visibly see on a regular basis — be good to it! Proper skin care can help:

  • Brighten lackluster skin
  • Decrease enlarged pores
  • Treat acne breakouts and prevent acne scarring
  • Prevent and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Resolve and treat age spots, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation

Since no two skin types are the exact same, Tulsa Vein Institute provides an extensive line of ZO Skin Health products by Dr. Zein Obagi, so you can achieve optimal skin health.

Which type of skin care product do I need?

Known as a cutting-edge and highly studied line of skin care products, ZO Skin Health solutions can help you with just about any skin ailment you may have, even if you simply want to maintain your naturally glowing skin. You may benefit from any of these top-requested ZO Skin Health products:

  • Nighttime anti-aging products, including Radical Night Repair
  • Cleansing solutions, like the Gentle Cleanser or Hydrating Cleanser
  • Exfoliating products, such as Exfoliating Cleanser or Exfoliating Polish
  • Toning solutions to control oil and restore pH, including the Calming Toner
  • Anti-aging serums, like the Daily Power Defense or Instant Pore Refiner
  • Skin brightening products, including Brightlative or Retinol Skin Brightener

If you struggle with acne breakouts, your provider at Tulsa Vein Institute examines your skin and can help you select the best combination of ZO Skin Health products for your needs. Between the Acne Control serum, the Sulfur Masque, and the Correct + Conceal treatments, you have plenty of options for resolving stubborn acne issues.

What happens during a skin care consultation?

During your skin care consultation at Tulsa Vein Institute, your dedicated aesthetic expert sits and talks with you about your skin concerns. They chat with you about your daily skin care routine and which products you’re currently using.

After evaluating your skin, they spend time educating you about which ZO Skin Health products may benefit you the most (you may even be able to sample some products right in the office). Your ZO Skin Health product package from Tulsa Vein Institute is entirely tailored to your unique skin care needs.

Call the clinic at 918-216-9081 to find out more about ZO Skin Health products or to book your skin care consultation at Tulsa Vein Institute today.

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